By Omar Bah
The spokesperson of the APRC, Amul Nyassi has said the party is not anticipating any comments or clarification from former president Yahya Jammeh on the alliance with the National People’s Party, NPP.
The APRC executive is in a bitter war of words with a splinter group, calling itself Operation No To Coalition, who claimed former president Jammeh is not in support of the party’s alliance with NPP. Neutral observers anticipate that Jammeh would at some point reveal his position on the matter.

However, in his first media interview on the alliance with Star FM’s Pa Nderry Touray to be broadcast tomorrow, Amul Nyassi said: “We are not expecting Jammeh’s call or comments about the alliance before the election because it is not necessary and to say that Jammeh will release an audio to go against the alliance is ridiculous. If Jammeh wishes to discuss politics, I am sure he will contact Fabakary Tombong Jatta.”

He said the alliance is centered on supporting President Barrow’s reelection and not surrendering the APRC to the NPP.

“The alliance will make the APRC even better. We wanted to contest the election but we couldn’t due to financial issues,” he explained, adding that the alliance will help the country in its reconciliation.

Commenting on the reported division in the APRC over the matter, Nyassi said: “You see, APRC as a party is not divided. We are still very solid under the leadership of Fabakary and his executives. I also want to make it emphatically clear that I am fully behind the FTJ executive. We move and think in the same direction”.

Nyassi also said 85% of Foni’s voting population supports the alliance, which he said is in the interest of the APRC, Jammeh, and whoever is supporting the party, whether here or outside.

“The idea is meant to consolidate the APRC’s efforts and plans to return to power,” he said.

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